Embracing Tradition: Cucur Udang and the Soul of Malaysian Hospitality

In the heart of Malaysia, where spices fill the air and everyone is welcoming, there’s a food that captures what our country’s food is all about. Welcome to Perdana Kuala Lumpur City Centre, where we ask you to join us on a trip through the deep and varied flavours of Malaysian food—one crunchy, golden piece at a time.

In the core of our food love lies cucur udang, a meal full of old ways and deep roots. Think of this: a busy cook room, full of the sound of pots and pans as our cooks put their hearts into making each cucur udang with care. It’s not just food; it’s a work of heart—a tribute to the flavours and traditions that have shaped our identity.

What makes cucur udang stand out for us? It’s not just what goes into it or how it’s made, it’s the stories it carries. It’s about the old times remembered, the chats had over dinner, the fun and smiles that come with each taste.

Cucur udang is more than a dish we make. It’s linked to our past, reminding us of our core beliefs as a country. Its history goes back to the busy markets and roads of Malaysia. There, traders from near and far met to swap goods, ideas, and tastes. Over time, cucur udang changed, adjusting to current times while keeping its origins. This shows how our people can bounce back and make new things.

Besides being culturally important, prawn fritters are dear to us because they bring people closer together. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family get-together, a party with friends, or a meal shared with strangers, prawn fritters have a knack for uniting us and creating a feeling of friendship.

Here at Perdana Kuala Lumpur City Centre, we are not just serving cucur udang as a dish, but we are also creating an experience—a journey through the visual, aural and flavours of Malaysia. Every glance at our plate is a dance with our heritage, a song to applaud our multi-ethnicity, diversity, and culinary richness.

Therefore, please do not miss an opportunity to sit with us and together reveal the amount of influence cucur udang has on us people. Come and join us at our table, taste the flavours, and all the while the warmth of Malaysian hospitality will wrap you up. But beneath the name cucur udang, you will see not just a dish, but rather a symbol of the soul of our nation—complete evidence that food bears an enormous potential to bring people together, inspire and enrich the nation.

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